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bodyweight strength
for nomads, outdoor-lovers and gym-haters

A simple, easy way to get stronger, fitter and more athletic using your bodyweight.

Learn how to use your body in the most mechanically efficient ways

Access a completely different bodyweight workout each week

As your exercise library grows, create your own workouts based on your needs

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels

As a member of this Bodyweight Strength program your will receive access to the Bodyweight Strength section of this website. Upon subscription, you will receive access to a comprehensive library of exercises covering the Bodyweight Strength subcategories – Shoulders / Arms Bodyweight, Core Bodyweight, Glutes / Legs Bodyweight and Whole Body Bodyweight. Videos are streamed via Vimeo* and demonstrate approximately 3 repetitions of each exercise without sound. Text descriptions are provided underneath each video. Exercises are listed in order of difficulty level, meaning they are listed from easiest (top of list) to hardest (bottom of list). You will have freedom to create your own workouts based on personal weaknesses and specific goals. You will immediately receive 5 of Michelle’s exercise videos to master within your first week of subscription, then 5+ completely new video exercises the next week and so on. Each week you will also receive workout ideas dropped into your email inbox.
*Vimeo is currently blocked in Indonesia.

Get leaner, stronger and fitter for the cost of one coffee per week!

Check it out free  for two  weeks!

“I love this site and I’ve noticed major improvement in how my body works and feels. I recently completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training certification and I love incorporating your body weight exercises into my sequencing. I find that your exercises compliment and expand the practice, cultivating mobility and strength in a really holistic way. I’ve seen notable change in the fluidity of my surfing and skating and when climbing, I feel that I can tap into strength and movement that was just not accessible before.” – Alisa, California.