Fluid Body

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move with more flow & fluidity for stronger, faster, more powerful movement 

Learn effective soft tissue techniques, active stretching, full-range strengthening and self-mobilisations.
Improve your tissue health, flexibility, mobility, prevent injury and move with more fluidity.
Create your own mobility programs or follow the weekly techniques provided.
Immediately learn 5 mobility videos to practice within your first week of subscription, then each week you will learn a handful of completely new Fluid Body video exercises (between 4-12 techniques per week).
Suitable for all levels of mobility.
You can do this no matter how stiff or supple you are.

  Videos are streamed via Vimeo which is currently blocked in Indonesia. 

For the price of  one coffee per week,
Get  Fluid, give yourself the freedom  to move better,
do more of what you love and speed up your athletic progress!

“Your philosophy and training fall exactly into what I need. To rehabilitate and rebalance my body from a life of contact sports and sitting at a desk. I have gained a lot from your Fluid Surfer book and wanted to investigate more. I have only been doing the exercises for a short time but I have seen the benefits already surfing really well through the week and on Saturdays. Pop-ups were smooth and I am no longer going over the falls. Turns were smooth and overall I was surfing faster and longer than I had been. I was really enjoying my surf and came in quite refreshed whereas usually I have had enough and need to come in due to inability to surf smoothly. I am sold on the program. I want to surf till they bury me.” – Paul, Australia.