Full Spectrum

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Learn the multiple ways you can get fitter, leaner, stronger and more athletic. You will gain access to the following training sections:

Sports Rehabilitation

Neck Rehab
Shoulder Rehab
Lower Back Rehab
Hip Rehab
Knee Rehab

Posture Correction

Forward Head Posture
Rounded Shoulders
Over-arched Lower Back
Flat Lower Back
Sway Lower Back

Bodyweight Strength

Bodyweight Shoulders / Arms
Bodyweight Core
Bodyweight Glutes / Legs
Bodyweight Whole Body

Free-weight Strength

Free-weight Shoulders / Arms
Free-weight Core
Free-weight Glutes / Legs
Free-weight Whole Body

Traditional Lifts (with their regressions, progressions and variations)

Conventional Deadlift
Sumo Deadlift
Back Squat
Front Squat
Military Press


Neck, Shoulder, Forearm, Wrist, Chest, Upper Back, Lower Back, Hip, Front of Thigh, Back of Thigh, Inner Thigh, Outer Thigh, Knee, Lower Leg, Ankle, Foot


Upper Body Workouts
Lower Body Workouts
Core Workouts
Whole Body Workouts
Bodyweight Workouts
Main Lifts with Assistance Lifts Workouts

You will immediately receive a crazy 82 exercises / techniques with 40 revealed in your second week. Each week you receive loads of content for only $19.99 per week. This is likely the most comprehensive training site you can find. Get into it with Michelle!

“Wow Michelle,  Your site is killer. Loads of material to work with!”

Tom Carroll, 2 Times Surfing World Champion.